My primary goal on every hunt is making sure my clients leave with a smile, and many life long friendships have been made along the way. Those who've spent time with me know my passion for hunting, strong work ethic & good nature.

2016 brought changes to my guiding career when I ventured out on my own as a freelance guide, offering personalized hunts, and growing my photography portfolio. Whether it's sheep, goats, moose, or anything big game in Canada, traveling south to Mexico for desert sheep, or across the world for New Zealand tahr & stag, I've done it. My extensive knowledge and experience can help you plan your next dream hunt.



mark tinsley

I’ve hunted twice with Nathan killing a giant Dall and desert bighorn. In August I finished my second slam killing a California bighorn and the magnificent seven. But for Covid, Nathan French was unable to join. Hell, I want Nathan French on all my hunts. Having hunted with guides all over North America, I can honestly say I’ve never hunted with anyone who I formed a closer friendship with any quicker than with Nathan. He cares about your experience, but he truly wants you to get a great animal as well. You can’t go wrong trusting your hunt of a lifetime with Nathan. 

- Mark Tinsley

robert bentley jr

I have been fortunate enough to go on some amazing hunting adventures. My hunt with Nathan was the most special hunt of my life. Nathan is the hardest working and most patient guide I have ever come across. His biggest concern is making sure the client is having the hunt of a lifetime. I’m not sure where my next hunt will be or what animal I will pursue, but one thing is for sure if Nathan hunts them he will be by my side.

- Robert Bentley Jr.


I’ve been able to hunt amazing animals in the United States, but had never ventured down south to Mexico.  I was hesitant about another guided hunt since I had just come off a trip where my guide was marginal at best. Nathan and I had never met, but I called him leading up to my trip and he answered any question I had in preparation with patience and experience.  When he met me at the airport, I instantly knew I had worried for nothing. Nathan made sure not only that my hunts were successful, but we enjoyed hours of conversation about his passion and expertise of all terrains and hunting trips as well as his photography and his dog Maverick. I have come to value Nathan as a friend and plan to hunt with him often in the future.

Paul Gann


I have had the privilege of hunting with a number of first class outfits in Canada and abroad. Nathan French’s care and attention to detail went far beyond my expectations.  His serious commitment to a quality hunt coupled with his excellent field judging abilities enabled me to harvest a first class Dall sheep and caribou.  Both of which I might have misjudged and selected lesser animals.  He offered to record both hunts and then produced professional caliber videos that I have shared with many friends and personally watch to relive the experience for a lifetime.  He is also a quality Human being to spend that amount of time with in the back country.  I would have absolutely no hesitation to trust Nathan to arrange another excellent hunt that I know my interests as well as my personal safety would be his first priority.

- Mark Sloan

jay evers

I've hunted with Nathan twice, & he is a very serious & committed guide. That is what it takes to be successful hunting mountain sheep, As we say, "it ain't for sissies!" 

Nathan is concerned about his hunters success & safety, and it shows in his effort & conduct. This is important when you are often pursuing game in places where man doesn't often tread ... places where you have to adapt, improvise, & persevere. It should still be fun! That is a big part of being a great guide. 

Also, it is a spiritual thing for those who really "see" the mountains. Nathan gets the spirit & respect of the mountains & for the harvest. 

- Jay Evers


I have been blessed to enjoy hunting and fishing all over the world in my life! I’ve seen all types of guides and outfitters. A few years ago I was paired with Nathan French on an NWT moose/caribou hunt of my lifetime.
Nathan is truly one of the best guides I have spent time with. He is a pleasure to be with in camp, hunts hard, respects the game as well as the beautiful country we are privileged to be able to enjoy! Hopefully Nathan and I will be able to hunt together again real soon!

George Wadsworth


“Having hunted all over North America with some of the best guides and outfitters.  Nathan French is at the top of the list.  Nathan's work ethic, positive attitude and knowledge of big game is unmatched.  Showing up in outfitter camps you never know who you are going to get, or how capable that guide is going to be.  When you book with Nathan French - you eliminate all of that guess work."

- Kyle Miller


The biggest concern on a guided hunt is wondering what your guide is going to be like, and if he's capable of getting the job done.  When I got off the plane and met Nathan, my concerns diminished instantly.  He treated me like a friend, rather than a client and his work ethic and positive attitude gave me all the confidence in the world knowing I would have the best chance at harvesting what I came for.  If you want a fun, rewarding and successful hunt look no further than Nathan.

- Toph Romeo

jessse dall laugh

 Sheep hunts are special, and these animals deserve every bit of sacrifice one may endure to even step foot in their arena. Whether it’s your first, or possibly even your fourth, it’s comforting to know that you’re in great hands out there. My Dall Sheep hunt with Mr. French exceeded each and every one of my expectations. His devotion to success, mountain savviness, and attention to detail, made for a very enjoyable experience. If you can do your part to show up in the best shape possible, and keep a positive mindset, he’ll make sure you have the time of your life! Thank you Nathan for turning a dream  into reality....

Jesse Simonson


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Are you looking for that perfect hunt?  A hunt designed personally for you and your abilities?  Being a Freelance guide, I have the ability to get you the hunt you want.  The past decade has allowed me to build a trustworthy name in the guide/outfitting industry. With this common trust & working relationship with the top outfitters, it grants me access to species all over the world.  Be it any of the four wild sheep, goat, moose, caribou, bear or any other big game species, I will take you through the booking process and make sure your experience is the best one yet.

Don't wait to book. I have a limited schedule, and the season books up fast.  If I cannot personally guide you, I guarantee to make other arrangements to take care of you, lead you through the process and make sure your hunt is booked and scheduled with the best.

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